Child Safety Program

Educating the youth is of paramount importance to all. Route 22 Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Kia, along with other area merchants, have expressed concern and continue to participate in Hillside's Firefighter Phil Child Safety Program. An effort has been made to make the "Firefighter Phil" Safety manual available to all parents through advertising and public awareness.

Some of the benefits of this program are:
  1. To establish a positive relationship between firefighters and children.
  2. To alert children of the need for sound safety practices.
  3. To have them realize that we all must follow and practice these rules, and
  4. To help them understand that the firefighter is their friend and will always be available to assist them.

The Hillside Fire Department will assisit you any time with these or any other problems. Feel free to visit them with your children, to tour the facilities at 395 Hollywood Ave or at the Hillside Ave Station.

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