The Route 22 Honda/Nissan/Toyota dealerships, part of the BRAM Auto Group, in conjunction with the Travis Roy Foundation, has stepped up to help the Menzel Family of Staten Island.

The Menzel Family patriarch, Kevin Menzel Sr., father of two, was recently in a very serious accident, which left him paralyzed, needing to use a wheelchair and his family in economic hardship.

When the Route 22 dealerships learned of this unfortunate situation they were determined to help. First, they paid off the remaining debt on their current car. Then they gave the family $15,900 toward the price of…
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The Walls are Closing in on the Brand New Service Station

Progress on the brand new Honda Service Station is moving along quite rapidly! Merely a month ago, if you were to be driving along North Broad St. in Hillside, NJ, you would see nothing but cemented foundation and open land. Drive past today and you will automatically have your eyes drawn to the largest building on the block. The walls have been put up and the ceilings are currently being put in tact. This is a relief to have the building closed to being completely closed off so that weather will no longer be a factor for our workers. After…
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Route 22 Honda Cementing the Foundation for a Successful 2012

After visiting the breaking ground of the brand new Honda Service and Parts Station that will be opening in mid to late 2012, it was easy to come to the conclusion that Route 22 Honda is taking the right steps in laying the foundation for success. The 29,295 sq. ft. base of the building has had its cement foundation laid out and is progressing nicely. Workers from Redco Engineering and Construction are vigorously working despite the frigid winds to ensure the ground work is completed before mother nature takes a bitter turn into a wintery rage.

Here's a…
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Multi-Million Dollar Project Revealed!

Route 22 Honda has announced that they have broken ground on their brand new, state of the art facility that will be opened in 2012. For loyal customers who have been traveling to the original service station on North Broad St. in Hillside, N.J., do not fear! The new service station will be conveniently located across the street! Bigger and better then ever! Route 22 Honda has been taking the time to make sure that the architects working this epic project are putting in enough hard work and detail in their planning to ensure the quality of the work…
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