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The Smart Way™

We understand that shopping for a new or used vehicle can be overwhelming, and sometimes even daunting. While you need a vehicle, you may or may not know the make or model that best fits yours or your family's needs best. You may have already submitted a lead through one of the many automotive manufacturer sites, like, or maybe you browsed inventory on one of the more well-known third party websites, such as,, or In our experience, the more information you're exposed to the more confusing the entire process can become.

That's why we created the smart way to buy™, a simple and convenient buying process that takes your specific needs into consideration, ensuring you get the right vehicle for you, at a budget friendly price. After receiving large amounts of positive feedback, from our customers, we built upon the smart way to buy™ process and added customized experiences for some of the other facets of the automotive business. Take the time to view some of the videos below, explaining each of the smart way™ processes and learn how they can help make your experience both simple and enjoyable.

the smart way to lease

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The decision to lease your next vehicle comes with a multitude of questions; including how many miles per year you require, how long of a term you should lease for, how much money you need to put down, and much more. Learn all the benefits of leasing and how to structure it to meet your needs, with the smart way to lease™.

the smart way to pre-owned

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Purchasing a used vehicle can be stressful. How do you know the pre-owned vehicle is reliable and safe for you and your family? Learn how our dealership goes above and beyond to make sure the vehicle you purchase is as good as new. It’s all part of the smart way to pre-owned™ and it comes standard with peace of mind.

the smart way to trade

value your trade

Trading in a vehicle can be an overwhelming experience. How do you make sure you get the right value for your vehicle? What are the benefits of trading it in versus selling it independently? With the smart way to trade™, we answer all of these questions, utilizing trusted industry guides, and make sure you’re involved every step of the way.

the smart way to finance

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To lease or to finance is one of the oldest decisions in car buying. With the smart way to finance™, we review the benefits of aggressive finance rates and how your specific credit rating effects your rate. Then we present your options, always being sure to keep your monthly payments manageable and within budget.

the smart way to credit

get approved

As with most large purchases in life, your credit plays a major role in the buying process. We developed the smart way to credit™ to help simplify the approval process, when purchasing a vehicle. Our history of working with all types of credit, allows us to present the best options available to you, so that you can feel confident in your decision.