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Smart Ways to Shop in Hillside, NJ

The Smart Way To Buy™

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110% Lowest Price Guarantee*

*110% of the difference between what you paid and the lower price found.

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5 Day / 500-Mile Exchange Policy**

**See product specialist for detailed terms and conditions.

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The Smart Way to rewards program member discounts and incentives


Route 22 Honda is fully committed to being 100% transparent. That means you pay no unnecessary or hidden fees.

Bring us our competition's ads. We will walk you through the process on how they arrive at their pricing. We will show you how we can save you money.

  • Optional lifetime lube and filter maintenance program on new and used cars.***
  • AFIP compliant, ethically trained F&I staff.****
  • No hidden fees or unnecessary add-ons.
  • The smart way to trade transparent process using KBB, AutoTrader, Edmunds, and you.
  • Factory-trained product specialists.
  • Over 40 years of quality customer service and satisfied customers.

***Based on following Preferred Customer Maintenance Schedule Manual.

****AFIP is the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals.

Have You Ever Felt Pressured by a Salesperson When Looking to Buy a Car?

Salesperson and customer

Are you tired of hidden fees and bogus rates ruining your search process? Now there's a way to avoid all of the nonsense. Introducing The Smart Way To Buy™ from Route 22 Honda.

The advantages of The Smart Way To Buy™ are endless. There is no pressure throughout your search. You can finally feel at ease when purchasing a car. Since there are no hidden fees, there are no surprises or gimmicks revealed when you finally make a decision.

Route 22 Honda's salespeople are direct and value your time, so there is no back and forth or confusion. They know it's necessary for you to feel comfortable during the buying process and want to be trusted.

The Smart Way To Buy™ is smart for a reason. The team at Route 22 Honda does internet research every day to discover the right price for you. They make sure to look at competitors' pricing and numbers from industry experts so you can feel confident that you're getting the best offer possible. The main factors that contribute to your final cost are market value, product availability, days' supply in the market, and the product age, color, and equipment. It's easy to feel secure with The Smart Way To Buy™.

The Smart Way to Lease™

Leasing a Honda Made Simple and Beneficial

Searching for a new Honda for sale, but not sure if you want to buy? Leasing could be a great option for you. With The Smart Way To Lease™ at Route 22 Honda, leasing a Honda is made simple and beneficial.

There are several advantages to The Smart Way To Lease™.

Most significantly, there is less cash required up front, and the monthly payments are lower. In addition, shorter terms allow you to drive a new vehicle every two or three years.

At the end of your lease, you have the option to buy the vehicle.

Leasing a car is made easy with The Smart Way To Lease™. With everything you can gain through the program, why not go ahead and lease?

Explore Route 22 Honda's current Honda lease deals. Or explore Honda Civic lease deals, Honda HR-V lease deals, Honda CR-V lease deals, Honda Pilot lease deals and more!

There are Numerous Advantages to The Smart Way To Lease™

  • Less cash required up front.
  • Shorter Terms. Drive a new vehicle every two or three years.
  • Lower Monthly Payments.
  • More equipment and vehicle for less money.
  • Only pay for the portion of the vehicle you use.
  • Option to buy back at the end of lease.

The Smart Way To Finance™

How Does Financing Work?

Typical loan lengths are 24 to 60 months

The shorter the time, the less interest you pay

Extended terms are always available

Cash Involvement?

  • The more cash you put down, the lower the interest charges and monthly payments.
  • Equity in trade can be used for your down payment.
  • Lenders normally like to see 20% - 30% cash or equity.

Interest Rate is Based on:

  • Year, make, and model of vehicle.
  • Job history.
  • Equity or cash involvement.
  • Stability.
  • Credit history.
  • Amount of money borrowed.
  • Length of loan.
  • Any other considerations . . .

Credit Rating:

Considering those qualifications, you will receive one of these ratings from the financial institution:














New Vehicle



Used Vehicle


Financing programs are available for virtually every credit situation.

Ask about our Pre-Approval Program.

(Estimates based on FICO scores on a 72 month term. Extended terms available.

Apply for a Car Loan Today & Learn About Your Financing Options

It's essential to understand financing during the buying process of a vehicle. Let's go over how financing really works.

A car loan typically goes for a duration of 24 to 60 months. The shorter the time period you choose to pay, the less interest. Although it seems best to pick a lease with a shorter duration, extended terms are always available.

What about cash? The more you put down when first purchasing your vehicle, the less you owe in interest charges and monthly payments.

Also, equity in trade can be used for your down payment. Lenders usually prefer 20% - 30% cash or equity.

Interest rate is based on several factors. It depends on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. Your job history, stability, and credit history come into play as well. Equity or cash involvement also matter, along with other considerations.

The promising actuality is that financing programs are available for virtually every credit situation. At Route 22 Honda, we want to provide the best experience when you finance. We make that possible with The Smart Way To Finance™.

Get started and apply for a car loan today! 

The Smart Way to Pre-Owned™

Ever Wonder Exactly What You're Getting When Purchasing a Used Vehicle?

It's difficult to know what you're truly getting into when taking on the wheel of a pre-owned vehicle. Thankfully, with The Smart Way To Pre-Owned™, you don't have to worry that the vehicle is worn out or damaged. Each pre-owned vehicle is put through a vigorous 150-point inspection.

Route 22 Honda includes a vehicle history report as well as a title check on every pre-owned vehicle in stock. This way, you know that the vehicle you are purchasing has not been affected by circumstances such as natural disasters (such as Hurricane Sandy or Hurricane Katrina), odometer rollback, factory lemon-law buyback, salvage/rebuilds, washed title, and road accidents.

With The Smart Way To Pre-Owned™, you and your passengers can feel safe in the seats of your newly-bought, pre-owned vehicle.

Search our used car specials and find the perfect pre-owned car that fits your budget at our used Honda dealership in Hillside, NJ. 

The Smart Way to Credit™

Getting You the Credit You Deserve!

Nervous that your credit may influence your search for a new car? Route 22 Honda knows that your credit affects your buying or leasing position.

That's why there is The Smart Way To Credit™. The program provides options that can be given based on your current situation.

Route 22 Honda works with millions of people to lend and assure that everyone gets the credit they deserve. Whether you have good credit, light credit, or no credit at all, Route 22 Honda has the relationships necessary to get you the credit that you deserve.

This is how it typically goes in regard to the monthly payment calculation:

New Vehicles: $17 - $28 per $1,000 borrowed.

Used Vehicles: $18 - $31 per $1,000 borrowed.

(Estimates are based on FICO scores on a 60-month term, and extended terms are available.

The Smart Way to Trade™

Value Your Trade-In - Get Your Car Trade-In Value Today

Are you looking to rade in your vehicle? Are you apprehensive or fear that you may not get the value you deserve?

There's no need to worry with Route 22 Honda's method called The Smart Way To Trade™.

Trading in your vehicle can be troublesome at the wrong dealership. At Route 22 Honda, a trade-in goes smoothly due to our foolproof system.

We handle your trade-in differently than most dealerships because we include you in the process. We want your assistance, as you know more about your car than anyone else.

Aside from your help, the offering price is based on three factors: AutoTrader.com Trade-in Marketplace, Kelley Blue Book Fair Market Value, and Edmunds.com True Market Value.

The best part? Route 22 Honda will buy your vehicle whether you buy from us or not! Get your car's trade in value today when you value your trade in with Route 22 Honda. 

The Smart Way to Rewards™

Exclusive Membership Benefits and Incentives


Route 22 Honda has come up with a program called The Smart Way To Rewards™ that benefits its members by granting discounts and incentives. You can get discounts at local merchants including Rock N Joe, Subwary, The Gym for Kids, The Lobby, and Route 22 Limousine. The program also comes with Route 22 Honda's optional Lifetime Lube and Filter Maintenance Program.

Those are only a few of many advantages, though. Others are:

  • Friends and family referral bonus.
  • Lost key return service.
  • Personal travel concierge.
  • Member pricing on parts and services.
  • . . . and more exclusive offers and specials!

With these incentives from The Smart Way To Rewards™, customers at Route 22 Honda are always appreciated.

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